Since 1998,  we have been operating a full service luxury design and staging company specializing in commercial and residential real estate on the market for sale.  Adept in all aspects of design, we utilize our expertise in design to stage and transform your listing that is on the market for sale into a beautifully designed show home.

For most people, a home is their largest purchase and biggest asset. Walking through an empty house can challenge buyers. Staging brings the insight and imagination the buyers need to see themselves living in your home. Once the buyers make that connection, they tend to bid fast and high. Whether your home is a vacant,  a lived-in property (re-design),  or commercial building needing special attention – we are able to create a visual impact for a buyer.  Our premiere home staging company features beautiful materials, elegant furniture, and the keen eye of an expert designer, we create alluring spaces that make houses feel luxurious and desirable.

Our home staging services are available nationwide and internationally. We are nationally recognized with an award winning design team. Our properties and Cindy Montgomery have been featured on HGTV and the  DIY Channels, Smart Money, Forbes, FOX, NBC and CBS.

Our designs are inspirational and aesthetically pleasing, which helps evoke emotion in a prospective buyers mind while viewing our homes. We stage and design with excellent attention to detail. Our “re-design” and staged properties have surpassed the national time on market breaking records for “fast sales” – we achieve high-end looks without the excessive costs. We offer creative financing.


45 Rockefeller Plaza, Floor 20, New York, New York 10111