Staging The House

In today’s market, you must show above the rest. We work with homeowners, builders, architects and investors. When we meet, we will define the scope of services for your project. Professional staging is a powerful marketing tool,  giving a seller a competitive edge and advantage over the competition. We provide full house luxury staging, from vacant homes to re-design “lived in properties” we create innovative plans and ideas that focus on your needs, to help you show above the rest. Ask about our profit building venture.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The key to home staging is tapping into a buyer’ psychology. It’s the same concept as packaging a product to make it attractive to a target market. Home staging ensures that the home looks its best and captures the emotion of buyers, who are making one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime. Not only do we (as home stagers) ensure that the home is in its best shape possible, we take it a step further and add special touches that make your home warm and inviting causing a buyer to linger and want to stay.

Redesign For Sale

Redesigning a home for sale is a fabulous way to maximize your home’s sale potential. We consult with you to develop the scope of services for your home and will  use your existing décor, artwork and accessories and if needed, we will recommend and purchase items to transform your home into a beautiful showplace while it’s on the market for sale.

Open Houses

Once your home is designed, we will take photographs of your property, create a video of your space which effectively helps market your home.  We partner with your Real Estate Agent and will provide a catered luncheon “open house” that will “kick start” your marketing plan to prospective Agents and their clients.  This unique and creative service helps create a buzz in the marketplace.

Wishing you a beautifully designed day!

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